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What is glass rock?

By 22 10 月, 2021No Comments

What is glass rock?

Since last century, glass rocks were widely used in landscaping, gabion material, gardening, and other decorative projects. They are all looks very nice especially shined by some led lamps at night.

When you search “glass rocks” on Google, you can only find all kinds of glass rocks factories or suppliers. But you can’t know how it is manufactured; furthermore you can’t even find the word “glass slag”. Yes, most the glass rocks are made of glass slags which are recycled from glass factories. So you can’t order the colors of the glass rocks at your will unless you want to spend lots of money at very high cost.

Gabion and gabion wall are very popular in Europe. They are very amazing impressing arts in landscaping field. Also glass rocks are used for other kinds of decorations like glass mulch, aquarium etc. It seems you can’t find out all the methods of using glass rocks as decoration material. You can find lots of gabion supply and gabion manufacturer use glass rocks in their projects.

Glass rocks are just cheap cullet if they were not used on landscaping or decoration. But now they are more expensive than some marble stones. And in some area like Southeast Asia, some people even sell glass rocks as “crystal”!

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