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What is glass stone?

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What is glass stone?

Glass stones, also called glass balls, glass pebbles, is a kind of colored glass products used for decoration or landscaping. As they are reflective and have many colors, they are very popularly used can can make very amazing projects.

Glass stones are produced in professional glass kiln stoves of 1200℃. Some of them are transparent, some are not. Some colors are mixed into the glass material, while some colors are coated on the surface. Some are produced by recycled cullet material, while some are of new glass material. Different colors are derived from different pigments which are considered as commercial secret of glass factories. Thus these glass stones are very hard to produce and cost very high.

Everyone knows the main ingredient of glass is SiO2, but most of people don’t know the ingredients of the colors. Even if they know that, it’s hard for them to produce all colors of glass easily as they also need to know when and how to add the pigments into the glass.

By adding copper to the glass ingredients, if the melting temperature is lower, the glass will appear blue-green, if the melting temperature is higher, the glass will appear red again; when manganese dioxide is added to the glass ingredient, the glass will be purple; When chromium is added into the glass ingredient, it is emerald green; when sulfur is added to the glass ingredients, it is amber yellow; when cobalt is added to the glass ingredients, it is blue-violet; when nickel is added to the glass ingredients, it is violet; chlorine is added to the glass ingredients and gold is red.

Glass stones are not like glass rocks. The procedure of production is more difficult and the cost of production is also very high. The glass factory needs to invest a lot to build a line. Thus small factories can seldom make that.

Furthermore, glass rocks are made of recycled slag glass. It’s ecofriendly and won’t pollute the environment. While glass stone lines require the huge kiln stove thus will pollute the air. As the government is taking very strict environmental policy, the cost of glass stones goes up rapidly.

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